Why I'm Voting for Lisa Borowski

 ~ Reflections on Why I'm Voting for Lisa Borowski for PA State Representative ~  Whether you’re a single-issue voter or have many concerns about the future of Pennsylvania, Lisa Borowski has you covered.     There are many reasons why Lisa Borowski is my candidate in this election. For me, Lisa checks all the right boxes. She cares about everyday people and providing them with the opportunity to lead healthy and meaningful lives.     Lisa is dedicated to protecting the lives of women and families by fighting for access to affordable healthcare for all Pennsylvanians. Lisa cares about women’s rights and safe access to reproductive healthcare. She believes that a women’s right to choose is up to the individual and their doctor and not the personal beliefs of politicians.   Gun violence is in the news constantly. As of 2022, firearms officially kill more young adults than car accidents. Lisa believes in common sense gun reform that will close loopholes and enforce red fla

Move to Substack

 Hi,  If you're here and looking for where my old posts went. Well, I've moved them to Substack. All the old posts are accessible for free and new material will be a mix of free and subscriber-only posts.  Hope to see you in the new space !! ~ Mark